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Jamie Smith

My first art related memory was as a school boy, drawing a hamster and desperately trying to impress my new substitute teacher (also known to me as Granny Smith). It was a fine hamster, and pencils and paper have become constant companions since that day.

I've been working as an illustrator for over 15 years; illustrating bibles, biographies, child detectives, dragons, dogs, barmy aunts and blabbermouths. It's a wonderful job that will present a different challenge daily. It will wear you out and yet, put a bounce in your step. It will also enable you to sit solitary in front of a mirror contorting your face into all manner of expressions which, surely, can't be an unhealthy way to spend your days.

Originally from Staffordshire I now live in Surrey, via London and Italy, working from a newly constructed studio that is flanked by apple trees at the bottom of the garden. Keeping me company is a cuddle hungry cocker spaniel, a huge array of busy and bitey insects, and occasionally wife pops in to say hello.