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Laura Watkins

When Laura was young she was often found drawing onto huge reels of wallpaper. Then sometimes onto the walls themselves. There just weren’t enough regular sheets of paper in her house to keep up with the demand. Most of Laura’s school reports described too much daydreaming and doodling in the backs of her books. Fortunately these habits were encouraged at Art College and praised by the time Laura made her way to study Illustration at University. When Laura graduated in 2011 she met her agents at Bright and has been very busy and very content working away on books ever since.
When not drawing Laura is usually found at the yard riding horses or trying to keep control of her two Red Setters.
Laura does occasionally still draw on walls. But now its ‘art’ no one minds.

Artist skills

  • Traditional
  • Digital

Clients include

  • Templar Publishing Little Tiger Press Five Mile Press Hinkler Smart Ink Henry Holt