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Elly MacKay

Elly MacKay lives in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada with her husband and daughter.

She is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where she studied illustration, printmaking and electronic art. During university, Elly began doing freelance illustration. Elly continued her education and received a Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University. She put her degrees to use in Gallery Education. After the birth of her daughter, she returned to art and illustration.

As a teen, Elly was introduced to paper arts through a trip she took with her mother, an author, to meet members of the Movable Book Society. She began making tunnel books and small diorama scenes. For several years she sold them at First Hand Gallery in Toronto. Her unusual illustration style is a return to working in this way, with the addition of photography.

The setting, individual characters, lighting, filters, camera height and camera settings allow for a variety of images to be taken from the same scene Elly is working on. After finalizing the concept for a work, Elly creates the layers from Yupo paper and ink. Yupo paper is, a plastic paper with strength that bends without creasing, stands up easily, takes ink and catches the light beautifully. The layers are set up three dimensionally in a miniature theater. The theater is open on all sides, allowing light from any angle. Parchment is used for skies and coloured tissue is used to create atmosphere, distant landscapes and clouds.

Elly’s work has been shown in Canadian galleries and is sold in several stores. She has recently been awarded a grant from the Ontario Arts Council and featured by Ammo magazine, Frankie magazine and Gestalten Press.

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