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Anthea Whitworth

The moment that I saw the exquisite illustrations of Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac I knew that I wanted to be an illustrator. As far back as I can remember I have had a pencil in my hand, scribbling away, and coloured pencils have always been my favourite medium.

I live in Harlow, Essex with my partner James and I have just graduated from Cambridge School of Art with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. It has been a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in my drawing. As well as a love of fairytales and their rich opportunities for illustration, I like to capture moments in time; glimpses of innocence and wonder, simple pleasures.

Over the years I have worked part-time in illustration and held exhibitions of my work. It is such a pleasure to see people’s reactions to my work – if my work makes others happy it makes me happy. To be a full time illustrator and bring joy through my work is my idea of heaven.

My favourite things are walks by the sea, holidays with James, dogs, daisies and coloured pencils.

Artist skills

  • Traditional
  • Photoshop

Clients include

  • Compass Publishing
  • Hinkler