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Ag Jatkowska

I was born in Gdansk,  Poland and grew up by the cold Baltic Sea, and I still love the sound, smell  of  it and sense of infinity.
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk with a MA in Graphic Design and Illustration.
In Poland I’ve worked as a senior artist for “Pan Dragon”, a publisher of greeting cards and stationary and as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and photographer and I compose my work using watercolour, acrylic and Photoshop.
I've been inspired by how important children's book illustrations are and how it can change the way children see the world by opening their imagination and helping them to understand many things.
I now live and work as an in house artist in Bath, but I have also produced illustrations for various publishers of books and magazines such as:
Publications International Books, Ladybird, polish edition of ELLE and PLAYBOY, and I have exhibited my work at Private Shows in Europe.
In my spare time I love long walks and trips with my husband and I'm fascinated by different cultures, I also love film and yoga.
I'd love to have a cat and a dog, and one day I will.
More of my work can be seen via my blog: and my website:

Artist skills

  • Traditional
  • Digital
  • Photoshop

Clients include

  • Ladybird
  • Usborne